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Among all the bee species, the carpenter bees are among the most likable, but they can cause the most structural damage to your home. They drill precise round holes in wood and make galleries for themselves inside which they’ll lay eggs, often leaving behind tunnels that cause more damage than good.

Over time, bees can cause costly, extensive damage to the wood of your home including decks, fences, and patio furniture. All Bees Removal provides professional bee control services with both removal of bees from the property but also repairing all damages done by them.

From helping you get rid of carpenter bees to filling the holes with wood putty, you can trust All Bees Removal far more than your typical pest control company. Call us today.

Carpenter Bee Infestation Signs

Carpenter bees are known to cause significant damage. They like building their nest in soft and unpainted wood, such as window trim or fascia boards; they also love cedar wood but will not hesitate to eat harder woods like cypress.

The signs of a carpenter bee infestation include:

  • Perfectly round drilled holes in any wood, inside or outside.
  • A yellow stain around the drilled hole (bee’s waste and pollen).
  • Constant hovering and aggressive buzzing around you.
  • Woodpeckers will come near because they like eating carpenter bees and will begin to peck at the wood.

Types of Damage Caused by Bees

The cost of a carpenter bee infestation depends on how extensive it is and what kind of damage has been done. If you take swift action, then your repair bill will be lower; however, if they have started building tunnels inside, the cost of repair will be higher. Here are some of the types of damage that carpenter bees can cause:

Structural Damage – The carpenter bee is a destructive creature that can cause structural damage to your home. Not only does it cost more in repairs, but if you get too many tunnels inside it can cause structural damage which could result in serious injury. When you see signs that carpenter bees are present, it’s best to take action before they start wreaking havoc by calling the experts at All Bees Removal.

Water Damage ­- Wood can rot when water gets into the tunnels built by carpenter bees. The best thing to do in this case is to get a replacement for your damaged wood because too many of these tunnels near each other will cause humidity and moisture buildup which may lead not just to mold growth but structural damage as well.

Strange Odor – When bees desert a hive and start spreading to other areas, the honey left behind is likely going to turn rancid. You will initially observe a strange odor coming from the area before noticing matching stains on walls or ceilings- that’s how you can tell your home has been invaded by unwanted guests.

Stains – The sheer weight of a large colony of bees can cause structural damage to your home. As their hives grow, pressure will force honey, and melting wax through walls leaving behind harmful stains that might be difficult to clean up without professional help from All Bees Removal.

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We are always here to help. If you have carpenter bee damage, don’t hesitate to call All Bees Removal. Our team of experts will come out and give you the peace of mind that’s needed with our top-notch customer service – all at affordable rates too.

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