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Bees are critical to nature which is why we specialize in removal and relocation to our farm.

Your Bee Removal and Relocation Professionals

Bees are an important part of nature as they help pollinate many of our food crops. However, when beehives or swarms get out of control, they can become a problem that poses danger to people and property because bees will attack if their nests come under threat. Our team of professionals specializes in safely removing and relocating these helpful insects from your home or business so that they won’t come back again.

Have you been dealing with a bee problem? Our bee removal services will help get rid of them without the need to exterminate them. To do so, our experts visit your location and propose removal strategies that are tailored specifically for each type of colony or swarm we find in progress. We DO NOT use dangerous chemicals during this process – only safe measures which ensure minimal risk to humans.

We are a member of the Florida Beekeepers Association which allows us to rescue bee colonies and relocate them to a safer environment allowing them to continue pollinating crops and producing honey. Our services provide long-term solutions, so we’ll help you repair any structural damage to your home that could result in a future infestation.


Our Bee Removal Services

We are a team of professionals who understand the importance bees play in our lives. Our main goal at All Bees Removal is to protect your family and property while providing bees with a safer place to live.

We offer the following services:

  • Beehive Removal – Our team will get rid of a beehive with a very thorough removal. The space where the hive was is also cleaned and treated for any continuation or returning odors, which may occur if not addressed properly.
  • Bee Swarm Removal – Swarms are always located close to their parent colony. If you come into contact with a swarm, call All Bees Removal immediately.
  • Structural Repairs – When we remove beehives from buildings, our team of experts will ensure that any openings are sealed up and repaired to ensure the structure is completely safe.
  • Bee Infestation Prevention – Our bee removal specialist will treat and caulk around your home perimeter in order to prevent remnant bees from returning.

We Need Bees

Bees are essential for our food supply. Without them, the production of fruits and vegetables would come to a halt because they help pollinate plants that produce these foods in order to make it possible for us humans to survive.

You might be thinking that it’s a good idea to grab some bug spray and go after the bees, but the truth is these amazing little creatures serve an important function for our environment.

A few other reasons why we need bees:

  • Bees help create many vital medicines we rely on in healthcare
  • They help provide food for wildlife
  • Bees help prevent soil erosion.

The use of pesticides has created a shortage of bees. That’s why it’s important that instead of exterminating them, you call the professionals at All Bees Removal who can help get the bees safely removed from your location and relocated elsewhere so they will thrive again.

Bee Relocation

All Bees Removal specializes in safely removing bees and relocating them to a more suitable environment. We do not use pesticides or other dangerous chemicals, instead focusing on moving the buzzing insects out of harm’s way.

We are passionate about bees. That’s why we own a bee farm and make sure to give them a safe haven whenever possible. Our goal is always in their own interests, which means if they can get back on our farm where they will be able to thrive as well as help humanity. Call us today. Let us take care of all your bee problems.

Holes from bee damage on wood Miami-Dade County

Bee Damage Repair Services

All Bees Removal will come into your home or office and remove any bees that may be there, as well as repair any damage they’ve done. Bees can drill precise round holes in wood to make galleries for themselves inside which lay eggs often leaving behind tunnels causing even more problems.

The cost of damage done by bees can be extensive and pricey. All Bees Removal is a local beekeeper and one of Miami’s leading bee removal companies that provides not only removal services from your property but also repairing any damages they may have caused, including filling in holes or other damage. Give us a call today.

What Are the Signs You Have a Carpenter Bee Infestation?

The carpenter bee is the most common type of bee that can cause quite a bit of damage to your home in Parkland. They build their nest out mostly from soft and unpainted wood, such as window trim or fascia boards; they also love cedar but will not shy away if you offer them harder woods like cypress

The signs of a carpenter bee infestation include:

  • Perfectly round drilled holes in any wood, inside or outside.
  • A yellow stain around the drilled hole (bee’s waste and pollen).
  • Constant hovering and aggressive buzzing around you.
  • Woodpeckers will come near because they like eating carpenter bees and will begin to peck at the wood.

If you are seeing any of these signs, give us a call today for a free consultation.


Wasp Removal

Bees may not be interested in attacking humans, but as for wasps, if they feel threatened, their aggressive nature can quickly turn on you. Plus, these pests are more difficult to get rid of than bees. If your home or business has a problem with wasps, then let us help–we offer removal services for both bees and wasps. To receive a free quote on removing wasp nests, simply call today.

About Parkland

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