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All Bees is your go-to source for safe and humane bee removal and relocation services. We understand the vital role bees play in our ecosystem, and that’s why we take a compassionate approach to bee removal.

Our team of certified professionals has years of experience in bee removal and relocation, and we’re dedicated to providing you with a solution that not only removes the bees from your property but also ensures their survival in a new, safe environment.

Whether you’re dealing with a bee infestation in your home or business in Plantation, you can trust All Bees Removal to handle the situation with care and expertise. Call us for safe, effective bee hive removal.


The Bee Removal & Relocation Process

At All Bees Removal, we follow a strict process to ensure that bees are safely and effectively removed and relocated from your property. Here’s what you can expect:

Inspection: Our team will inspect your property to identify the type of bees and the extent of the infestation.

Bee Removal

We will safely remove the bees from your property using specialized equipment and techniques.

Bee Relocation

We will relocate the bees to a designated safe location, ensuring their survival and preserving their role in the ecosystem.

Cleanup & Repairs

We will clean up any debris or honeycombs left behind by the bees to prevent future infestations. We also repair any damage to your home that the bees may have created.


We will provide tips and recommendations to prevent future bee infestations on your property.

Common Types of Bees

There are several types of bees that can be found in Plantation, FL, including:



These bees are known for their production of honey and are typically found in hives.



These bees are larger than honeybees and can be found nesting in the ground or in trees.


Carpenter Bees

These bees burrow into wood to make their nests, which can cause damage to wooden structures.

Holes from bee damage on wood Miami-Dade County

Africanized Bees Or Killer Bees

While bees can be scary to people, most are by and large relatively safe to be around unless provoked with one exception. The Africanized or Killer bee is a hybrid of the Western honey bee and the Iberian honey bee. They were initially bred to produce more honey and escape quarantine and came to the United States in 1985.

These bees are far more defensive about the area outside of their hive and are much more aggressive than typical bees. They can be harmful to humans and animals. It’s important that these bees be addressed immediately. Call us if you think you have Africanized bees on your property.


Wasp Removal Services

All Bees Removal also provides wasp removal services in addition to their bee removal and relocation services. Our team of certified professionals can safely and effectively remove wasp nests from your property, ensuring the safety of you and your loved ones. We use specialized equipment and techniques to remove the wasps and their nests, and they provide tips and recommendations to prevent future infestations. Trust All Bees Removal for all of your wasp removal needs.

Why Choose All Bees Removal?

There are several reasons why you should choose All Bees Removal for your bee removal and relocation needs in Plantation, FL: 

Humane Solutions: We provide humane solutions for bee removal and relocation, ensuring the survival of the bees and their role in the ecosystem.

Experience: Our team has years of experience in bee removal and relocation and is certified to handle even the most challenging infestations.

Safety: We prioritize the safety of our clients and use safe and effective methods to remove and relocate bees from your property.

Customer Service: We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and will work with you every step of the way to ensure your satisfaction.

If you’re in need of bee removal and relocation services in Plantation, FL, don’t hesitate to contact All Bees Removal today. Our team is here to help you safely and humanely remove and relocate bees from your property while also preserving their role in our environment.


About Plantation, Florida

Plantation is a city located in central Broward County, Florida, USA. It is a diverse community with a rich history and numerous attractions for visitors and residents alike.

Nature enthusiasts can enjoy a variety of outdoor activities in Plantation, including the Plantation Preserve Golf Course and Club, a 211-acre natural park with hiking trails, fishing, and bird watching. The city is also home to the Sawgrass Mills Mall, a popular shopping destination with over 350 stores and restaurants.

Plantation was once a major hub for citrus and agricultural production, and the Plantation Historical Museum preserves this legacy with exhibits on the city’s past. Visitors can also explore the nearby Everglades and learn about the region’s unique ecology and history.

When it comes to dining, Plantation offers a range of options to suit every taste and budget. From classic American fare at The Cheesecake Factory to upscale seafood at J. Alexander’s, the city boasts a diverse selection of restaurants. Other popular choices include The Capital Grille, Seasons 52, and The Melting Pot, all located within the city’s central shopping and dining district.

Plantation is a vibrant city with something to offer everyone. Its combination of natural beauty, history, and dining options make it a great destination for visitors to South Florida.

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