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 Be Safe Bee Removal

Bees are vital to our environment, but that doesn’t mean you want them buzzing around your family. If your home has a bee problem, Our bee removal service is your perfect solution. In fact, we are quickly becoming one of Miami’s most sought-after bee removal companies in this area.

Our beekeepers provide a human solution to your bee problems. Our highly trained, experienced staff will simply relocate the bee colonies or hives around your home or business to our bee farm where the bees will thrive.

Safe, environmentally-friendly, and affordable bee hive removal and relocation services in and around Miami. Call us for a free consultation and hive removal today.

Why Beehive Removal Is So Important

While many people are afraid of them and others see them as pests, bees are actually essential to our way of life.

You may not realize it, but the bees you have flying around your yard are important to our food supply. Without them, humans would face a catastrophic food shortage.

It’s true. More than a third of every bite of food you take comes from food that requires pollination. Without bees, not only would we have fewer flowers that rely on pollinators to reproduce, but our grocery shelves would be short on fruits, vegetables, nuts, coffee, spices, and a whole lot more.

Other reasons that bees are essential to humans:

  • Bees help create many vital medicines we rely on in healthcare
  • They help provide food for wildlife
  • Bees even help prevent soil erosion.

Due to the increased use of pesticides, we are facing a massive bee shortage- not just around Miami-Dade County, Broward County, and in West Palm Beach, but in the entire country.

That’s why it is so important that instead of calling a pest control company to come kill the bees that you see, call professional bee removers. Let us relocate the bees to where they’ll be safe and continue to help us survive. Learn more about beehive removal around Miami.

The Most Common Types of Bees In Florida

Given that bees are the most valuable pollinators in Florida, it’s to know what types of bees we see the most in our state.

There are over 300 different species of bees around Miami and the rest of Florida but only 8 species of bees that produce honey. Contrary to what some people might believe, most bees have no interest in humans at all. They go about their busy day feeding on nectar and pollinating your plants and flowers. You’re simply not their main focus.

Here are the main types of bees we see around Miami:

Honey Bee

The Western Honey Bee is the most common type of bee with a clear hierarchy of queen, worker bees, and drones. We’re happy to help you with honey bee removal. 

Bumble Bee

These bees live in deep tunnels underground where they store honey. Like most bees, they are only concerned with pollen and nectar. Call our bee relocation services today. 

Striped Sweat Bee

These bees are native to Florida that loves various types of mint plants and does not, in spite of what people may think, have any real interest in human sweat.

Eastern Carpenter Bee

To go along with the name, these bees tunnel into the wood (agave, bamboo, etc.) and create chambers for the hive.

Africanized Bees Or Killer Bees

While bees can be scary to people, most are by and large relatively safe to be around unless provoked with one exception. The Africanized or Killer bee is a hybrid of the Western honey bee and Iberian honey bee. They were initially bred to produce more honey and escape quarantine and came to the United States in 1985.

These bees are far more defensive about the area outside of their hive and are much more aggressive than typical bees. They can be harmful to humans and animals. It’s important that these bees be addressed immediately. Call us if you think you have Africanized bees on your property.

The Difference Between Bees And Wasps

While most bees try to avoid humans, wasps are more aggressive. Also, people tend to think that bees can only sting you once while wasps can sting you multiple times. There are types of bees that can also sting you more than once, but typically, they only do so if you disturb their nests or are provoked in other ways.

Generally speaking, bees are larger and fuzzy with more full bodies whereas wasps are slimmer with non-hairy and shiny bodies. Wasps are predators that feed on other arthropods and insects whereas bees only eat pollen and plant nectar. While bees commonly make their nests using a wax like substance, wasps make their nests with a paper comb like material that’s made up of chewed wood particles and their own saliva.

Bee Relocation

If you have a bee problem around your home or business, call All Bees Removal. We specialize in humanely removing your hives and relocating them to our bee farm for their prosperity. Our safe, effective process gets the buzzing out of your hair and maintains the much-needed pollination process that bees provide the world.

Don’t harm the bees because you want them gone. Simply call us and let us solve all your bee problems.

Schedule a free quote today.

Wasp removal

While almost all bees are gentle creatures essential to our food supply, wasps are a bit of a different story. Like bees, they also help fertilize various plants, but wasps are a lot more aggressive and territorial. 

Wasps can attack without provocation and many adults have allergies to wasp stings that they don’t even know about until they have been stung. Plus, they are very resilient and often return even after their nests have been knocked down. This makes wasps a serious pest. 

Contact us today for safe, effective wasp removal services. We’re here to help you create a safe yard in your home or business. 

How To Get Rid Of Bees In Miami

In all the years we’ve been helping people get rid of bees, we’ve seen some interesting approaches. Many people have tried natural remedies and plants that bees aren’t attracted to such as citronella, mint, eucalyptus, and other plants. While these plants can help repel bees, they don’t do much if you already have a hive nearby.

Of course, getting rid of bees depends upon the type of bees you have, but far and away, the simplest solution is to call a local beekeeper like us. As mentioned, you don’t want to do anything to kill or harm the bees, and we will simply come to your home or business and relocate them to our property where they can continue to pollinate and thrive.

Let our professional beekeepers help you solve your bee problem by relocating them safely and humanely today. Call us for affordable bee relocation & removal.

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