Preferential Relocation of Bees

This is why the preferential relocation of bees can be very important. We are asked many times to remove the bees from one place and to give the life bees to another person or location. For example, one lady asked us to remove the bees from her parents house and deliver the bees to her place in a box. We are able to do that as we are always trying to remove life bees. In those cases what we do is we take the bees and place them in a honey bee box that have about 10 frames.

Many times we also add some frames with honey and established baby bees. So the new relocation will not be abandoned. We make sure the boxes are clean, without any infestation or disease. And usually in the evening, when the bees are more quit and are settling down we deliver the box to the new location specified by the customer.

Bees are essential pollinators that play a critical role in maintaining the world’s ecosystem. They are responsible for the pollination of about 70% of the world’s crops, which includes many fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. However, bees are currently facing numerous threats, including habitat loss, pesticide exposure, and disease. As a result, their population has been declining significantly in recent years. Therefore, it is crucial to prioritize their relocation rather than extermination.

What is Preferential Relocation of Bees?

Preferential relocation of bees refers to the process of relocating bee colonies to a new location without harming them. This approach involves identifying and capturing the queen bee, followed by safely transporting the colony to a new location where it can continue to thrive and pollinate.

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Why is Preferential Relocation Important?

Preferential relocation is critical in preserving the bee population and preventing the disruption of the ecosystem. Bees are responsible for pollinating many essential food crops, and their decline could have disastrous consequences on global food security. Therefore, relocating them to a new location is a more humane and sustainable approach than extermination.

Additionally, preferential relocation also helps prevent the destruction of property caused by bee colonies. When bees build their hives in or near homes or buildings, they can pose a danger to people and pets. However, removing them safely and relocating them to a more appropriate location can help prevent such situations.

Preferential relocation also helps protect the environment by reducing the use of pesticides. When bees are exterminated, pesticides are often used to kill the entire colony, which can harm other beneficial insects and the environment. Relocating the bees safely and humanely helps reduce the need for such harmful practices.


Preferential relocation of bees is a crucial step in preserving the bee population and maintaining the ecosystem’s balance. It is a sustainable approach that benefits both humans and the environment. If you have a bee colony on your property, consider calling a professional bee relocation service to remove and relocate them safely. By taking steps to protect and preserve the bee population, we can help ensure a sustainable future for ourselves and future generations.

Bees perform a critical role in our ecosystem. However, when they choose to construct their hive in or near our homes, they can become a nuisance and even endanger our health. In these circumstances, it is crucial to contact a professional bee removal service. They will remove the bees and their hive safely and effectively.

All Bees Removal has the experience, knowledge, and equipment to safely remove bees and their hives. This prevent future infestations, and protect your property from damage. Furthermore, they can also save bees if possible and dispose of the bees and their hives. All this in compliance with the laws. Call All Bees Removal today for a free consultation. Call for bee removal  954-547- 9951 or 954-937-7160.

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