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Pollen is another product that we harvest from bees. For all of bees services please 954-937-7160 or 954-547-9951. Pollen is the  part from the plant that fertilizes the ovum in order for the fruit to form. It is the equivalent of human sperm. Bees normally collect pollen in their hind legs and make a small ball out of it so it is easily carried.

We analyzed pollen and found that it is a complete vitamin, containing all essential and non-essential amino acids, as well as being rich in minerals and vitamins. The color of the pollen granules is determined by the different minerals present in it. To prevent larvae from consuming this protein-rich substance, most bee pollen harvesting companies freeze it initially.

Pollen, a vitamin provided by God for human race

However, if harvested under aseptic conditions, pollen last indefinitely. To my knowledge there is no other source of protein in nature that never spoils. In a real sense, pollen could be considered a vitamin provided by God for human race. And what a complete vitamin.

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Pollen is essential for the reproduction of flowering plants. It contains the male reproductive cells of plants and is transferred from the anthers of a flower to the stigma of another flower of the same species, either by wind or by pollinators such as bees, butterflies, and birds. Pollen is important because it facilitates fertilization and leads to the production of seeds, which then grow into new plants.

Plants would not be able to reproduce without pollen, which would have a significant impact on ecosystems and the food chain. Many animals, including bees, use pollen as a source of food to make honey and to feed their larvae. Therefore, pollen plays a critical role in both plant and animal life.


Bees perform a critical role in our ecosystem. However, when they choose to construct their hive in or near our homes, they can become a nuisance and even endanger our health. In these circumstances, it is crucial to contact a professional bee removal service. They will remove the bees and their hive safely and effectively.

All Bees Removal has the experience, knowledge, and equipment to safely remove bees and their hives. This prevent future infestations, and protect your property from damage. Furthermore, they can also save bees if possible and dispose of the bees and their hives. All this in compliance with the laws. Call All Bees Removal today for a free consultation. Call for bee removal  954-547- 9951 or 954-937-7160.

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