Myths About Wasp & Bee Removal

Here are the most common myths about bee removal. Everybody loves honey, and it is not only tasty but also nutritious. However, everyone likes this sweet treat, but many people hate the sight of bees or wasps. And no one can blame them? As the provoked bees can sting humans and animals. If the bees come in a swarm, it can be dangerous.

The stings are unbelievably painful, and they can prove fatal for people who are allergic to bee stings. However, you can easily manage this menace with professional bee removal in Hialeah, FL. Otherwise, you are risking it to become a significant issue.

Due to their aggressive nature, people have started to have a few unusual myths about bee and wasp removal. Although some myths are harmless, some can get you in a grave and challenging situation if people act on them. So let’s go through these myths to stay safe from bees & wasps.

5 Wasp & Bee Removal Myths

1. You Can Avoid Bee Stings By Spraying Water On The Nest

This myth is old, and several people believe that spraying bees and wasps nests prevent them from stinging you. However, this may work on common animals such as kittens and puppies, as you can control their behavior like scratching or nipping by spraying water on them.

Although spraying water on bee & wasp nests doesn’t work at all, what you don’t expect is that you will provoke them? You are at risk of being stung even more after that.

2. All Bees Are In The Hive – Bee Removal

At times, it seems that you can get rid of the bee nest on your property just by moving the hive. But that’s not always the case. So, don’t assume that all the bees are in the hive is a wrong assumption that you mustn’t make. Don’t be surprised, as many bees live in solitary nests that you can usually spot tunneled in the tree trunk or soil. As a result, you can find bees almost anywhere on your property. The best way to remove the bees & wasps is to call for professional bee removal services.

Why Bee Relocation Is Important Over Extermination?

3. Remove Dandelions & Flowers To Avoid Bees

Everyone knows that bees are pollinators, but that doesn’t mean you should remove anything with pollen from your property. Even by going to this extreme length, you can’t still assure that bees won’t come on your property or build nests. In comparison, the bees and wasps build nests miles away from flowers & plants that they can pollinate. In case a bee scout discovers a good spot for the hive, they create it there irrespective of the fact that there are any flowers around or not.

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4. Kill Bees & Wasps Inside After Sealing The Nest

The logic of sealing nests so that bees or wasps can’t come out has some worth to it, but doing it right away can only create more trouble than it’s good. So instead, the proper approach to seal the nest is by treating the nest first before sealing it. Still, bees & wasps are capable of finding entrance into your property and are aggressively defensive against people who mess with their dwelling. This makes taking precautions before sealing necessary.

5. Bees Don’t Sting At Night – Bee Removal

There’s a widespread belief that bees don’t sting at night, but there’s hardly any truth to this myth. The bee attack doesn’t depend on any particular time of day. So you can bet on it that they will sting you at any time of the day when provoked or feel the need to defend themselves. You can only avoid being stung by the bees by staying away from them and their area. Always instantly call wasp and bee removal experts to deal with this issue.


Removing bees & wasps by doing it yourself is dangerous, and it’s best to hire a professional service provider like All Bees Removal. Their team is equipped to deal with the bee removal in Hialeah, FL, and has all the right tools to deal with the situation. Call us at 954-547-9951 for expert bee and wasp removal today!

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