25 Jan

Bees products are multiple and we just started to understand the value of many  products that could be harvested from the bees.

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Honey is the most known byproduct obtained from the bees

 Honey is one of the  final product collected from the plants that were visited by bees. The nectar is  mixed in the gut of the bee worker with enzymes.  The resulting substance is a mixture of about 22 different identified sugars, an array of amino acids  and enzymes. It is actually the only known food that never spoils. There were jars of honey found in Egyptian pyramids that maintained the quality of honey. Imagine to make a food that last few thousands years and when consumed, has all the benefits of freshly made food? That is what bees do to the  nectar they collect. 

 Honey is a complete food. That means, a person can actually survive only on honey. It has all the  necessary nutrients required for survival. It also has a concentration of water- also needed for survival- a little less than 20 % by weight. 

Honey also have a lot of enzymes- if  it is maintained in the form that is harvested- meaning raw.

 Many of the enzymes are extremely beneficial for gut flora and work as probiotics and prebiotics.

 Honey, in its raw form will never allow bacteria or fungus to thrive in it. There is never bacteria present in raw, unfiltered honey. If the honey is mixed with corn syrup to increase profitability, - or altered  in other way, that it might loose this quality easily

Honey was a very priced product from antiquity.  It is mentioned few times in the Bible. Actually, God considered the most desirable place to be in is a place where milk and honey are flowing- as a symbol of prosperity and riches. The chosen people were promised a land where milk and honey abounds. 

Honey was used medicinally in many parts of the word- form the Chinese  medicine, to Indian medicine, and European medicine. Today, Honey is used in wound care by  a company that produces " Medi-Honey". It comes as a straight honey substance from a tube or it is impregnated into a alginate bed to be apply to wounds. Honey prevents bacterial growth or fungal growth into a wound and also debride- or " eats" away the devitalized tissue that many times forms into an ulcer. 

 Honey is FDA approved  for the use in  diabetic, vascular and trauma ulcers.

Honey have different flavors depending of the flowers that produced the nectar . For example, orange blossom will produce a honey that taste like oranges. It has increase vitamin C- just as the oranges  have. Saw Palmetto flowers produce a darker honey but have the property of the Saw Palmetto plant. Many people are finding that the Saw Palmetto honey is a natural treatment for prostate issues or hair thinning issues. Manuka honey was one of the honey that was studied and published as it was abundant in an area in Australia that a lab happened to be located. However, any  honey carries the benefits of the plant it originated from. So if a field of Moringa is near by or Nopal, and honey is harvested from those fields, the honey will carry the same benefits as Moringa and Nopal and so on.   

Honey is used by billions of people around the word in foods they consume daily- such as teas, drinks sweeteners or as a sweet condiment in foods and deserts.

 Honey is a gift from God to humans and such a sweet and good gift...

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