27 Jan

Pollen is another product that we harvest from bees. For all of bees services please 954-937-7160 or 954-547-9951

Pollen is the  part from the plant that fertilizes the ovum in order for the fruit to form. It is the equivalent of human sperm. 

Bees normally collect pollen in their hind legs and make a small ball out of it so it is easily carried. 

 Upon analyses, pollen seem to be a complete vitamin. It does  have all the amino acids- essential and non-essential ones, it is loaded with minerals and vitamins. the granules color of pollen is given by the different minerals that it contains. Most of the companies that harvest bee pollen, do freeze it initially to prevent any larvae to feast in a protein rich substance. However, if harvested under aseptic conditions, pollen last indefinitely. To my knowledge there is no other source of protein in nature that never spoils.  In a real sense, pollen could be considered a vitamin provided by God for human race. And what a complete vitamin... 

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