01 Feb

Bees have a very unique way of producing queens. The same type of eggs are deposited into small cells. Those eggs will turn into bee workers normally. Bees tender and care for the young very meticulously and clean cells, feed the larvae with  honey and pollen. However, if the need arises and the family needs a new queen, than the food given to the larvae changes into the  6th or 7th day. The future queen will be fed royal jelly only while the rest of the larvae will be fed honey and pollen. Royal Jelly is also a product of bees. It is a white, opaque like viscous fluid, a little sower in taste. Instead of the offspring having a lifespan of 28 days, the resulting queen will live for four to five years.  

 If a food has the capability of changing the life span of an insect form 28 days to 5 years than food could also change our lifespan for the better. It is so important what foods we ingest. The old saying that " we are what we eat" is so true and relevant. The more we learn form other species, the more we can make inform, wise decision about what we feed our body with and the results that we can expect. 

Also is so important to save endangered species- such as bees- from extinction. We know that many times bees find a place to live that is super inconvenient for us. However, we invaded their world, not the reverse. The least we can do is to not kill them but to allow them to be relocated. We definitely benefit from pollination of our crops, for products harvested from bees( honey, pollen, royal jelly, propolis) and from lessons learned such as this one

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