In 2005  I decided to take a proactive role to save bees. I was aware of the delicate situations bees are in. My wife and I  decided to save as many bees as possible and do our contribution to protect bees. We bought a farm and I went to learn how to tender and take care for bees. I opened a company and became a licensed bee keeper. In time I realized that the biggest impact I can have is to save the bees from destruction in the city. So I learned how to remove and relocate bees from human habitats and transfer them into agricultural environments. With time I grew to appreciate the bees more and more. I appreciate their cleanliness, their organized culture, the benefits they provide us with- such as honey, royal jelly, propolis, pollen and wax. However, the biggest impact bees have in in pollination. This benefit is so big that according to scientists, life itself would not exist without pollinators.